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"Instead of spending hours each day on mobile games and Netflix, these young innovators will have the chance to study the world around them while making memories with the ones they love."
-- W. Frazier, MO

How do you know it is time for A Discover Talking Pen?
  • Too much screen time: Your child spends too much time on tablets, phones and/or TV
  •  Bored: Your child seems to be understimulated 
  •  Advanced thinkers: Your child asks questions deeper than their vocabularies can answer 
  •  Independence appreciated: You want your child to be an independent learner 
Discover Talking Pen
Grandparents and remote relatives can also send you audio files to be transferred to recording stickers.

 Now your child can open a photo book and hear the greetings from their favorite auntie, uncle, or grannie. 
Discover Wonders Talking Books
Each book has over 800 audio hotspots. We believe children are extremely curious about how the world works starting at a very young age. Their reading abilities and parents' availability sometimes limit them. We want to fuel that curiosity by empowering children to learn and revise at their own pace.
What is in each book?
The story of Sir Isaac Newton has had a strong impact on our team. If Newton had seen the apple fall and ignored it, mankind might have had to wait much longer for someone else to discover gravity.

This is why Discover Wonders Talking Books use everyday items as the starting point to examine different aspects of our world - science, technology, literature, arts, history, world awareness, life application, engineering, mathematics, and many more. We are determined to develop innovative giants like Newton.
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What's special about the Talking Pen Discovers Wonders?
What's special about Discovers Wonders?
Phenomenal Content + 800+ audio hotspots per book + Sense of Control
= Inspired, Confident, Happy Child
Phenomenal Content
Every month, we dive deep behind an "ordinary" item and explain the wonders from multiple views: Science, Biology, Arts, Environmental Protection, World, and many more. 
800+ Audio Hotspots
When you point the Talking Pen at a character in the book, dialogue comes out. Point it at an item and you will hear sound effects. Have big words your child can't recognize? The Talking Pen reads out all the descriptions for your child.
Sense of Control
A sense of control is key to child development. Our Talking Books enhance control as your child chooses their pace of learning. They can fully understand the content without being limited to their reading ability.
How does it work?
How does it work?
#1 Invisible code is printed throughout the book. 

#2 When you point the pen at the page, a sensor inside the pen encrypts the code and calls the assigned audio file.

#3 Sound comes out and your child is happy. No disturbing lights. No harmful chemicals. No frustration from poor sensors.
"Extraordinary! I have never seen an educational book so engaging and informative at the same time!"
Why we care
The slum our Founder Cecilia grew up in

Cecilia, our Founder, grew up in a slum in Hong Kong. Her parents did everything they could to save up and give their children the best education they could afford. Thanks to her parents' vision and dedication, Cecilia eventually got full scholarships to study in the United States and became a strategy consultant at one of the big four accounting firms. 

Education breaks the poverty cycle.

Now that she is a mother of two beautiful girls, Cecilia is putting what she has learned to use by educating her girls. She wants to help them become problem solvers and life-long learners.
Our Products
TWO sets of Discover Wonders 
Book series, 12-month
24 Discover Wonders Talking Books (2 of each: Water, Bike, Balloons, Toothbrushes, Nighttime, Rainbows, Cars, Toys, Soil, Houses, Icecream, Bandages Talking Books) + 40 Recording Stickers + 2 Talking Pens

 Two of the same books will be mailed to you each month for 12 months.
Discover Wonders
Book series, 12-month
12 Discover Wonders Talking Books (Water, Bike, Balloons, Toothbrushes, Nighttime, Rainbows, Cars, Toys, Soil, Houses, Icecream, Bandages Talking Books) + 20 Recording Stickers 
+ 1 Talking Pen

 1 book will be mailed to you each 
month for 12 months.
Discover Wonders
Book series, 6-month
6 Discover Wonders Talking Books (Water, Bike, Balloons, Toothbrushes, Nighttime, Rainbows, Cars, Toys Talking Books) + 20 Recording Stickers + 1 Talking Pen

 1 book will be mailed to you each 
month for 6 months.

Talking Pen &  20 Recording Stickers
One Discover Talking Pen + 20 Recording Stickers
80 Recording Stickers
80 Recording Stickers to be used with the Discover Talking Pen
The World Needs Critical Thinkers. 
What will your child discover next?
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