Starter Pack: Discover Talking Pen + Recording Stickers + ONE mildly damaged talking STEM book

  • $79.99
  • Save $30

Our loss is your gain!

The damage to the book is purely cosmetic (a dent on the cover or spine), and does not affect the usability of the book. Our talking pen will still work perfectly with it. 

Feel free to upgrade to our subscription service after you test out our product and if you would like to get a NEW book sent to you each month.

This listing is for ONE damaged water book, a NEW talking pen, and 20 NEW recording stickers.

What do I get?

1 Book (FREE—normally $29.99)
Pen and Recording Stickers ($79.99)
1-month Shipping (FREE—normally $8)   
Total: $79.99


Each book has 800+ audio hotspots that are activated by our Discover Talking Pen. Just gently point the pen at the page , and, voila! Listen to dialogues, sound effects, music, and more! 

Not only will you learn STEM subjects like science, technology, engineering and math from our books, but you will also learn geography, history, world cultures, environmental awareness, practical life applications, biology, literacy, meteorology, astronomy, zoology, geology, physics, and so much more! 

If you are an educator or homeschooler, our books come with a weekly lesson plan that you can use to supplement or expand on your own curriculum. It makes lesson planning stress-free. 

Inspired by Montessori teaching, we believe in empowering independent learning.

If limiting screen time, bonding with your children over learning, and making learning fun are your goals, the Discover Wonders book series and talking pen are made for you! 

If you have more questions, check out our FAQs page here. If you can’t find the answer you seek there, please feel free to contact us here. 


More about our products: 
Books: One (or more) hard-cover, beautifully illustrated talking book each month delivered to your door. 10+ units in each book focusing on one topic (water, balloon, bicycle). 12 books focusing on teaching STEM to children 2-10 years old. Over 800 hotspots in each book. 

Pen: Interactive pen that brings 800+ audio hotspots in each book to life with narration, dialogues, games and more. Perfect for both non-readers and readers. Also can be used to record or turn any of your child's favorite books into a talking book! 

Recording stickers: Turn any book into a talking book!! Record your voice onto the stickers and place them on any book's pages so your kids will hear the book in your voice. There are also many other ways to use them, such as teaching words and sentences in a different language, recording messages from grandparents, and leaving fun messages for your kids to discover in their books.