Our Story

It all started when my then 3-year-old daughter Brielle grabbed my hand one night with her chubby little palm. She brought me to the window of a dark room, pointed at the crescent moon and said, in her still-baby voice, "Mammy, do you remember the Moon doesn't create light on its own? It reflects light from the Sun so we can see at night!"

I was thoroughly surprised. I told her that fact in passing a few months before, but she was able to digest what she learned and apply it a few months later! I realized how absorbent her mind was and I decided to do everything I could to inspire that brilliant mind  

Eventually part of that decision developed into my mission to create a book series that will open up her thinking capabilities. I believe Brielle can be a life-long learner if she can learn to think from multiple perspectives. I believe Brielle can find joy in discovering the wonders around her. I believe there will be other parents like me.

Thus, Discover Wonders Talking Books was created.

I am Cecilia, the Chief Creator at Discover Talking Pen. I cannot thank you enough for joining my journey.

We at Discover Talking Pen believe children have all the potential they need within them to achieve great things in life. We, as their guardians, can help them fulfill their potential by creating an encouraging environment.

We want to fulfill this mission with our Talking Pens and our STEM Talking Books series. We explain the world to your little thinker in a way that is relevant and fun. If they learn these principles when they are young and absorbent, high school will be a breeze for them!

Each month, a beautifully illustrated Talking Book, packed with 1,000+ audio hotspots, will be delivered right to your door. We cover science, technology, literature, arts, history, world and environmental awareness, engineering, mathematics, and much more.