Unit Studies for Homeschoolers

The founder of our company was a homeschool mom, so our books were designed with homeschoolers in mind. Each book is designed to be integrated into your daily lesson plan. If you do 1-2 pages each day, it will take a month to go through each book, and there are 12 books in the series, so these books offer a whole year of unit-based STEM curriculum.

Each book uses everyday items (water, bicycles, balloons, brushing teeth, etc) as the starting point to examine different aspects of our world - science, technology, literature, arts, history, world awareness, engineering, mathematics, and more. And the books come loaded with lesson plan aids and resources that you can use to supplement or expand on your own curriculum.

Learn from hours of STEM content in each book, brought to life by our talking pen. The pen will not just read the thousands of words in each book to you, but you'll also hear characters talk, sound effects, music and more! There are over 1,000 audio hotspots in each book.

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